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Flasks, Baffled, Delong Neck, Conical

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Brand: PYREX

Product Details: Flasks, culture, baffled, Delong neck
Plain neck baffle flasks.

The 4 equidistant baffle indents in the sides of these flasks causes a turbulent flow in the growth media increasing the oxygen intake of the cells. Proper aeration and the ability to maintain consistent agitation are essential for the growth of suspension cell cultures.

  • Ideal for aerobic microbiology and cell culture
  • Manufactured from Pyrex borosilicate glass for maximum chemical and thermal resistance
  • The four equidistant baffles provide consistent agitation when used with compatible orbital shakers
  • Suitable for repeated autoclave cycles at 121°C
  • Flasks are supplied without closures and should be ordered separately
  • Compatible with either 4550/38M blue Aluminium and 4540/38P clear polypropylene closures.

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